The Cardiac Electro-Mechanics Research Group Application (CemrgApp) is a platform with custom image processing and computer vision toolkits for applying statistical, machine learning, and simulation approaches to cardiovascular data. CemrgApp provides an integrated environment, where cardiac data visualisation and workflow prototyping are presented through a common user friendly graphical interface. CemrgApp at present supports:

Please cite the following article, if you use CemrgApp in your project:

  • Razeghi O, SolĂ­s-Lemus J, Lee A et al. CemrgApp: An interactive medical imaging application with image processing, computer vision, and machine learning toolkits for cardiovascular research. SoftwareX. 2020;12:100570. doi:10.1016/j.softx.2020.100570

The source code can be accessed from:

The executable binaries for CemrgApp can be downloaded from:

The software documentation and useful instructions code can be accessed from the repository wiki pages:

The set of optimal parameters for registration of cardiac CT and MRI scans can be found from: