CEMRG internal resources


  • Slack . Besides Microsoft Teams, we use Slack as the main channel to communicate. If you do not have access to it ask Steve Niederer.
  • Software

  • Group bitbucket. In this repository we share software resources such as meshtool3d, cm2carp or catheter1dsim. If you do not have access to it ask Angela Lee.
  • CARPentry. To download the binaries for CARP and CARPentry access this link and ask a previous user for the username and password.
  • HPC access

  • ARCHER2. To create an account and have access to ARCHER2 (previously ARCHER) follow the steps indicated in their documentation.
  • Tom2. To create an account and have access to Tom2 (previously Tom) fill in this form and send it to IT.
  • Coffee

  • A coffee machine is available in the kitchen. Each person is responsible for buying their own pods.
  • Useful KCL forms

  • Expense claim forms. Any reasonable expense in activities such as conferences or research trips should be claimed back from the corresponding budget. If you don't know which grant number ask your supervisor/PI. To make purchases for your research or claim expenses, you will need an account on KFin. Please enrol in one of the training sessions on this page. After the session, please request an account via the 'Business World User Access' module on the IT Service Desk, https://kcl--bmcservicedesk.eu46.visual.force.com/apex/selfservicenew#/support/catalog/common. For 'type of access required', please select 'Raise/Approve Requisitions' only. All staff and students are eligible to have a KFin account.

    From August 2022, staff can only claim expenses via KFin. To have the 'Expenses' module added to your KFin profile, please enrol in one of the training sessions on this page. Please note that this arrangement is only applicable to staff. Expense claims from students and non-staff will continue to be processed by email to the relevant teams.

  • Travel insurance forms. You need to hire a travel insure for every overseas trip you make on College business at least 4 weeks before deaparture. Similarly as with the expense claim forms, there is one for students, and one for staff.
  • Health and safety

  • Minor injuries. In the kitchen there is always a first-aid kit to assist with minor injuries or aches. If you see anything missing from it, please contact our designated first aider José.
  • Fire alarm. If the alarm blares intermitently, prepare to leave. As soon as it starts blaring continously, leave immediately. Any question please contact our designated fire warden Cesare.
  • For any other concern contact the School Technical Manager David Thakor.
  • Security phone numbers

  • KCL is ext. 83395 or 83397
  • Trust is ext. 3333 in an emergency
  • Ext. 86622 is the non-emergency number for Trust Security.
  • KCL staff to contact

  • For IT problems you can contact the Faculty's service at isd-helpdesk@kcl.ac.uk or the university's helpdesk at itservicedesk@kcl.ac.uk.
  • For any other enquiries, including HR, public engagement or financial, find the corresponding person in the document below.

    Your web browser doesn't have a PDF plugin. click here to download the PDF file.

  • Once you publish a paper

  • Consider disseminating your results using the Public Engagement infrastructure at KCL. Besides posting about it in your social networks, contact Cristobal Rodero to tweet it using the group's Twitter account.

    You can also contact the PE team (look for the corresponding person in the BMEIS Professional Services Suport Summary) to have an interview with them and publish it on the KCL news room.

  • Back it up. Wrap up the data and scripts used for the study. The idea is that if in the future we need to replicate it or use the data/tools of the paper, to be able to do it even if the person is no longer in the group. We backup any completed papers, associated code repos/scripts, and datasets for those papers/projects. Exclude any large output files that could be recreated with the code or data which we're not allowed to reuse.

    Place each project or paper with its data and scripts in a separate folder, including a README file, in the following address:


  • Report the back up. Update the spreadsheet where we have all backed up projects, in the "PAPERS" sheet.